MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT  Addison County  1793-Present

1805 Manuscript Town Cancel, 12 1/2 Rate to Dartmouth College, NH.  May 1805 Docketing on Reverse.  Very nice Early Middlebury manuscript.  No Content


1820 Smaller Date Black CDS & PAID 18 1/2 rate.  Datelined Middlebury, Vermont Sept. 1820 and signed "Your Affectionate & Grateful Pupil" J. J. Robertson.  Letter to the Rt. Reverend Alex Griswold.


1817 Brilliant Red CDS & PAID 10c Rate.  One long page letter datelined April 20th, 1817 from R. B. Bates to John Kellogg, Benson.  Letter regarding the Patent of the "Stearns Still & Water Boiler", a case about to be heard by the Supreme Court.  He asks John Kellogg for assistance.  A little history on John Kellogg... 

He began the practice of his profession at Benson May 24, 1810, which he pursued for thirty years with diligence and success and had a large and valuable professional business, from which he retired in 1840, and spent the rest of his life in agricultural pursuits. He died December 22, 1852, aged sixty-six years. He was postmaster, 1813 to 1822; town clerk, 1822 to 1828; member of the State Constitutional Convention in 1822, and representative in the Legislature in 1822, '24, '25, '27, '28, '29, '30 and '31, and in 1830 was speaker pro tempore of the House. From 1825 to 1831, brigadier-general of the State militia; in 1838 the Democratic candidate for United States senator and delegate-at-large to the Democratic National Conventions in 1840 and 1844. He was a man of great industry, methodical habits of business and clear and sound judgment, and brought to the discharge of public and private duties great sincerity and integrity. He was three times married and his son, Loyal C. KELLOGG, was long time an eminent judge of the Supreme Court.

Nice early piece in great condition worthy of additional research.


1813 NOR (No Outer Ring) CDS.  Letter Datelined July 28th, 1813 written by Charity Addams to her Brother Reverend John T. Addams, Huntsburgh, Vermont (Rare Destination).  Many additional names in the 3 page very readable letter.


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