Quaker Correspondence.  1818 Bold Red CDS w/ 18 1/2c Rate.  Long 2 page Letter  Datelined 7mo 10th, 1818, Lincoln, Vermont from Mary Varney to Daniel Howland, "past Greenwich in Rhode Island".  Beautiful & Bold Red CDS.  Excellent condition.  Please read the letter by clicking on the camera below.  Unfortunately this is a long legal sized letter and my scanner scans only to letter size, some of the letter is lost in the scan.

Click to See Scans of Content


1821 Bold Claret CDS w/ 12 1/2c Rate.  2 page Letter is Datelined Oct. 29, 1821, Middlebury from C. H. Flagg to Miss Mary Flagg, Marlborough and is somewhat difficult to read but can be done with patience.  Beautiful & Bold Claret CDS.  Excellent condition.


(1824-1833) Black Middlebury CDS w/Small Date, PAID 12 1/2 Rate.  One page letter, no dateline from W(?) H. Packer to Miss Ruth Robinson of Bennington.  Letter has an amusing paragraph on women and what they find attractive in men "Ladies are a little like children......."


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