Maryland Stampless Covers

SANDY HILL -  Worcester County - 1830 - 1871

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1830 Sandy Hill Maryland manuscript town cancel on very long folded letter from Thompson Holmes datelined March 23, 1830.  This may be the Earliest Know Use from Sandy Hill, but this would need to be verified.

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BLADENSBURG - Prince Georges County - 1776 - Present

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Historic Letter.  1825 Bladensburg Maryland manuscript town cancel on letter datelined Rose Mount June 11, 1825  to Colonel William G. D. Worthington from Joseph Kent (1779-1837).

Joseph Kent

Joseph Kent was born January 1779, in Calvert County, Maryland.  He received a liberal education and, at the age of twenty, was licensed to practice medicine.  A few years later, he moved to Prince George's County and established himself at his plantation, which he named Rose Mount.  He was elected to Congress in 1810 and served until 1815.  While in Congress, he voted for war with England, siding with the young nationalists of the West, rather than the leaders of his own Federalist party.  He served a second term in the United States Congress, as a Democrat, from 1819 to 1826.  Dr Kent was elected Governor of Maryland in 1826 and remained in office until 1829.  He promoted the building of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, advocating both as essential for linking Maryland with the West.  In 1832, he was elected to the United States Senate and served until his death at Rose Mount in November, 1837.

Click on the camera above to read the full contents of this letter.  The letter written at Rose Mount dated June 11, 1825 contains much political commentary.  Letter mentions the President (John Quincy Adams), Governor of Virginia, General Jackson, and the persecution of "Mr. Clay"

An Historical Document certainly worthy of additional research.


WILLIAMS PORT  - Washington County - 1796 - Present

Dateline Washington County Bank April 6, 1833.  Routine bank transaction letter.


EASTON  - Talbot County - 1777 - Present

1804 Easton, Maryland - Dateline Easton, 20 February 1804.  Bold Black Easton, Md CDS (framed at top) on Folded Letter with 1 Page content.  They don't come much better!

BALTIMORE  - Baltimore/Baltimore City County - 1779 - Present

Red Baltimore, Md CDS - 25 1/2c War Rate - Dateline October 1815


FREDERICK  - Frederick County - 1829 - Present


Massachusetts Stampless

HUBBARDSTON  - Worcester County - 1810 - Present

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1835 Hubbardston manuscript town cancel with scarce WAY 13 1/2 cent Rate.  Datelined Walden April 7, 1835 from L Putnam to John Porter, Queechee Village, Hartford, Vermont.  Cover was missent and fowarded to Queechee on April 10 and noted on the reverse (2nd Scan).

For those of you unfamiliar with John Porter........

John Porter, (1798-1886), of Hartford, Vermont, was State Senator for the years 1842 and 1843, a probate judge for the district of Hartford for the years of 1850-1886, as well as serving on a commission to oversee the reconstruction of the State House in Montpelier.

Vermont's second State House, designed by Ammi Young, was completed in 1838 at a cost of $132,000.

With a front portico modeled after the temple of Theseus in Greece, this classically-inspired building displayed a low saucer-shaped Roman dome and was the perfect embodiment of the chaste principles that typified the Greek Revival fashion then sweeping the country.

Historical Drawing

The second State House

This State House was constructed of Barre Granite. It took a team of four horses and a yoke of oxen 18 hours to deliver a load of granite and return to the Barre quarries about ten miles away.

Built on an elevated site blasted out of the hillside, the State House enjoyed a stronger foundation and grander approach. The high ground would also serve to protect the building from the flooding of the Winooski River across the road.


I have another letter available to John Porter from his brother Lyman Porter, Union Ohio dated 1829.  The letter may be viewed by clicking HERE


WILLIAMSBURGH  - Hampshire County - 1816 - Present

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1816 Williamsburg manuscript town cancel Datelined Williamsburgh December 20, 1816 on long letter from Peruslla Rogers to Gersham Rogers which begins Dearly Beloved.  I have not had the time to read the letter, but you may read it in it's entirety by clicking on the camera above.

This was the first year of the post office operation and this letter predates the earliest listed (1835) in the American Stampless Cover Catelog (ASCC) by 19 years and is in all probability the Earliest Known Use, but this would have to be verified.


DEDHAM  - Norfolk County - 1795 - Present

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Blue Double Line Box Dedham Mass.  Dateline Dedham August 8th 1836.  Very long letter to Miss Anna DeWolf from Julia.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera above.


RANDOLPH  - Norfolk County - 1802 - Present

1840 Manuscript Randolph, Massachusetts.  Dateline October 7, 1840.  Letter to Doctor Elisha Hayward from Doctor Preston(?) Ba?? (look at the last page of the letter and let me know who you think the author might be). 

Interesting letter regarding what seems to be a upcoming seminar by Nathan Smith.  Certainly worthy of additional research.  Rate of 12 1/2 cents changed to 6 cents as seen upper right.  Upper left corner reads "The Postmaster is requested to forward this immediately -3-.

Excellent Condition as Seen 

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1828 Bold Taunton, MS Straightline Town Cancel.  Dateline December 10, 1828 letter from M. Clark to Edward Wheeler, Cabot Vermont.  Click on the camera above to read the letter.

Beautiful bold Taunton Straightline.  Cover is stained with some wear.


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1803 Springfield Manuscript Town Cancel, 8cent Rate.  Letter from Luther Lumis Datelined New York 18th March 1803

Michigan Stampless

BRIGHTON  - Livingston County - 1838 - Present

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1839 Brighton Michigan manuscript town cancel on letter from Freeborn Luce to Constant Luce, Pittsfield, MA.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera above.


DEER CREEK - Livingston County -1838 - 1903

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1838 Deer Creek manuscript town cancel, First Year of Post office operation and possible earliest known use (EKU) with a dateline of August 6, 1838.  Letter from Freeborn and Eunice Luce to Constant Luce regarding death of baby daughter.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera above.

Mississippi Stampless

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1843 Centenary College manuscript cancel, 12 1/2c Rate to Reverend B.M. Drake, Washington, Mississippi from Benjamin Jones.  I believe Benjamin Jones was a Methodist Circuit Rider.  Interesting bit of history here.  Click on the camera above to read the letter in its entirety.  Mouse nibbles.

This is an historical document related to the early years of the Centenary College.  Certainly worthy of additional research.

Centenary College, founded in 1839, had first been located in Clinton, Mississippi, then in Brandon Springs, Mississippi, before removing to Jackson in 1845. When Centenary College moved to Jackson in 1845 from Brandon Springs, Mississippi, it took over the physical plant of the College of Louisiana, which was being discontinued.


District of Columbia Stampless


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