New Jersey Stampless

EVESHAM - Burlington County - 1808-1845

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1816 Evesham, NJ manuscript town cancel, WAY 13 Rate (Double 6cent rate + 1 cent Way Rate).  Indenture document from Gooldy Fort (Father) for 13 Year Old Eliza Fort (Daughter) to Mark Richards, Iron Merchant, Philadelphia, PA.  The Indenture document is a fascinating bit of history to read - click on the camera above to read in it's entirety.

I have done a case study on this cover - Click Here -  to read the case study on the analysis of a Stampless Cover.

This is a great WAY Stampless cover, an Indenture document which I do not often see and a Fascinating piece of Early American History.

The earliest Manuscript Evesham town cancel in the ASCC is 1816

RAHWAY - Union County - 1791-Present

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1830 Rahway manuscript town cancel on letter from J.C. Garthwaite to his brother Jacob.  To read the content in it's entirety click on the camera above.


NEWARK - Essex County - 1776-Present


NEW MILLS - Burlington County - 1800-1827

New Mills Manuscript - Dateline Northampton February 1, 1808 - Unlisted ASCC, Possibly Unique, needs additional research.  One page letter from Levi Budd to his son Thomas L. Budd.

New Mills was located in Burlington County and was established as a post office on September 18, 1800. Its name was changed to Pemberton on March 10, 1827. The standard work on NJ stampless covers is William C. Coles, Jr, The Postal Markings  of New Jersey Stampless Covers, published by The Collectors Club of Chicago in 1983. The  Coles Book does not list any manuscript markings known from this town.



1813 Somerset Court House - Helblock only lists Somerset, NJ.  ASCC lists a manuscript as seen, Somerset Court House.  Three page letter from Captain John Schenck (Schenk), Raritan NJ to James Hubbell, Bennington, VT (b. 10/17/1775 d. 04/21/1840).


MORRISTOWN - Morris County - 1777-Present





New York Stampless

ALLEN CENTRE, NY - Allegany County - 1831-1878

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1833 Allen Centre Manuscript Town Cancel on stampless folded letter from Joseph and Catherine Durkee to Isaac Hance Great Bend, PA.

Allen Centre, NY manuscript town cancel is not listed in the American Stampless Cover Catelog.  It is listed in Helbock with a Scarcity 7 rating.

MONTICELLO, NY - Sullivan County - 1811-Present

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1820 Monticello Manuscript Town Cancel on the longest letter I have ever seen.  Dateline Monticello August 23, 1820 from attorney Samuel Fines to attorney Chauncey Thompson at Sawpit, NY.  The letter is a Gem with regard to content.

Samuel begins his letter by telling Chauncey about his recent illness which required "bloodletting as the great and renowned Doctor Sangrado mentioned in the works of Gil Blas."   A hilarious hunting trip which involved 40 men being split into companies with captains and corporals disintegrates into almost everyone becoming lost and Samuel crossing the same brook three times as he attempts to make his way to the Neversink River.  After he finds the road and a bridge he drinks some gin and eventually finds his way home.  (The other lost men were able to find their way into town when the bell was rung continuously for their benefit at the county courthouse.  This grand hunting expedition netted two partridges and a squirrel.

Samuel's letter discusses at great length his clerkship at a new law firm, mutual aquaintenances, his friendship with Chauncey, relatives, and young ladies.  It is fascinating material that is quite literally packed with information and a captivating trip into the past

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ENON BIG SPRINGS - Livingston County - 1813-1814

1813 Enon Big Springs - APS Certified as The Only Reported Manuscript Cancel from Enon Big Springs as of Certificate Date 2003.  Recently Discovered and Only Known Example.

Offers Considered

BIG STREAM POINT, NY - Yates County - 1835-1866

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1839 Manuscript Big Stream Point, NY town cancel (Helbock Scarcity 6).  Dateline July 20, 1839.  Letter from Jacob Hacket to his brother Jonathan Hacket.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking on the camera above.


BENTON, NY - Yates County - 1816-1868

Very early 1817 Manuscript Benton, NY town cancel.  1 May, 25cent franking.  Dateline Middlesex April 11, 1817  Dear Mother......  2 page letter from her son.  Letter addressed to John W. Arnold, Warwick, Rhode Island.  Predates earliest ASCC date of 1818 by one year, possible earliest known use.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clinking on the camera below

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CONCORD CENTRE - Erie County - 1837-1845

WHITEWATER - Walworth County - 1840-Present

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Concord Centre NY (scarcity 7) manuscript town cancel on stampless folded letter with Bold Black Whitewater Wis CDS.  Dateline March 18, 1845. Missent to Whitewater, WIS and forwarded to Walworth Wisconsin Territory.  Very long family to H. D. & A. L.Warner

Unlisted (ASCC) Concord Centre (Helbock Scarcity 7) manuscript combined with scarce Bold Whitewater WIS Territorial CDS.

Certainly worthy of additional research


FRANKLIN - Delaware County - 1800-Present

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Franklin, NY manuscript town cancel on stampless folded letter to Eliza French from Luciana Spring.  The letter is an early one, I would guess about 1830, although there is no year date in the dateline.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera icon above.

CALEDONIA - Livingston County - 1809-Present

1825 Caledonia, NY Manuscript Town Cancel, Dateline Caledonia May 31, 1828.  Very Interesting 3 Page letter refers to Guatemala Canal & Toll Keeper


NEW LEBANON - Columbia County - 1794-Present

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 Well I haven't seen one of these rates before, but then again I don't get out much.  Scan of letter available on request.


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