New York Stampless Covers

NETTLE HILL, NY - Chautaugua County - 1829-1845

Nettle Hill, NY Manuscript Datline 1839.  Unlisted in both ASCC and Manuscript Post Offices of New York State.  Very Long Letter needing further research.

Possibly Unique & Only Reported Manuscript Cancel from Nettle Hill as Verified by the Empire State Postal Historical Society 2004.

According to C. Malcolm Nichols in "The Early Post Offices of Chautauqua County New York" (1960): "A rural neighborhood office, named Nettle Hill, was opened on February 13, 1829, on the mail route from Mayville to Waterford, Pa. and evidently was kept in the house of Walter Strong, the (only) postmaster, who lived on the east side of the highway, near the top of lot 49. This small servant of the people closed on June 26, 1845." (page 95)

CENTREVILLE - Allegany County - 1820-1892

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Manuscript Centreville, NY Town Cancel (Helbock scarcity 6), 18 3/4 Rate to James Brown Oppenheim, Brackets Bridge, NY from L Brown.  Lengthy letter, read it in it's entirety by clicking the camera above.

ROSLYN, NY - Nassau County - 1846 - Present

Very early and interesting Red (unlisted) Roslyn NY - NY Inverted - datelined Roslyn August 14th, 1846 (earliest known??) to Miss Lucy A. Whitlock of Whitlockville, NY.  Long three page letter I have not had an opportunity to read.

Postmaster got a bit confused and Inverted the N.Y. in the Circular Date Stamp.

Great early piece worthy of additional research.


BATAVIA, NY - Genesee County - 1807-Present

1815 War Rate - 15 cent rate.  Dateline Batavia December 13, 1815.  Brief content regarding examination of records for deed of Phelps.  Author T. Lake, Batavia Town Clerk.

Outstanding condition as seen, lovely 15cent War Rate


RIDGEWAY, NY - Orleans County - 1815-1904

1837 Dateline Rochester September 2, 1837 to Brandford, Upper Canada.  Cross-border with Queenstown Sep 8, 1837 exchange receiver.  Manuscript rate markings - the 10 is the US rate in cents, collect. This was converted to 6d currency at the exchange point Queenston. Then 7d cy was added for the distance 61--100 miles from Queenston to Brandford destination.

The total of 6d + 7d is 1 shilling 1d cy, written as 1/1 as seen. So there are really only two rates, one covering the US transit, the other, the Canadian rate portion, all to be paid by the receiver of the letter.

Lovely New York cross border with Ridgeway, NY manuscript town cancel and content needing additional research.


BRIGHTON - Monroe County - 1817-1905

MARTINSBURGH - Lewis County - 1804-Present

Brighton, NY Manuscript, Martinsburgh, NY Double Oval (35x24mm).  Brighton to Martinsburgh, forwarded to Watertown.  18 3/4 + 10c Forward Rate.  Dateline Brighton May 14th, 1841.  Incredibly long 3 Page letter I have not had an opportunity to read.  Minor fold separations, otherwise outstanding condition.


1802 Hudson, NY



GENOA - Tomplins County - 1810-1817

1813 Dateline Broadalbin, NY - Letter from Gideon and Rachel Taber.  Genoa, NY is unlisted in the American Stampless Cover Catalog.  This manuscript cancel is very scarce, possibly unique.

So the dateline is Broadalbin, NY but was posted from Genoa, NY - some 172 miles away - the letter has the answer on the 2nd page ..... perhaps.  Read it by clicking on the camera below.

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1828 Dateline Albany July 24, 1828.  Red Straightline STEAM BOAT (32 x 3mm) - I can't seem to find this marking in this size in the American Stampless Cover Catalog V2.  Long letter from John A. Graham to brother James Lorimer Graham in NYC. 

The letter and Graham brothers warrant further research, I believe they were "land jobbers" and Lorimer St. in Brooklyn, NY may be named after brother James.


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