Pennsylvania Stampless Covers

LEBANON - Lebanon County - 1792-Present

 Dateline Lebanon July 28th 1806.  Manuscript town cancel, 10cent rate to Philadelphia.  The earliest manuscript listing for Lebanon in the American Stampless Cover Catelog is 1814, this town cancel predates that cover by 8 years.  Possible Earliest Known Use but this would need to be verified.  Three page letter I have not read but click on the camera below to read the full text of the letter.

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CARLISLE - Cumberland County - 1788-Present

EASTON - Northampton County - 1792-Present

Harrisburg(h) - Dauphin County

Harrisburgh Straightline Town Cancel (28mm x 4mm).  Dateline 5th September 1810.  Stampless Free Frank folded letter to William Eustis, Secretary of War (1809-1813) & Governor of Massachuttes 1823-1825.  Letter is from Doctor Samuel Agnew 1777-1849.  2 page letter in need of further research.


WELLSBORO - Tioga County - 1808-Present

Dateline Wellsborough Tioga County Jan 21, 1848.  The Large "R" blue handstamp was used (1845-1848) on incoming recorded valuable mail and was applied in Philadelphia.  Possibly a forerunner of today's Registered Mail.  

The letter is from William Bache to Hartman Kuhn, Philadelphia PA.  Read the content by clicking on the camera below.  Worthy of additional research.

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South Carolina Stampless Covers

Manuscript Town Cancel - Darlington South Carolina manuscript Paid 25cent Rate.

Tennessee Stampless Covers

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CORNERSVILLE Te JAN 14 with manuscript “25” rate.  Stampless folded letter, dated 12 January 1837, written by Zenas Baird (1804-1874) in Giles County, Tennessee to his brother-in law Amzi Black (1799-1864) in Adams County, Illinois.


Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera above.  A transcription of the full letter is available on request.


Zenas Baird married Jane E. Black.  Her brother Amzi Black was married to Amy A. Moore in 1824.


Zenas writes to his Amzi about the health of the family back in Tennessee, including an accident in which his son William E. Baird (1830-1897) was scalded on the foot by a pot of spilled boiling water.  He then goes on to give a detailed weather report, and discusses Amzi’s financial affairs.  He ends the letter by asking Amzi numerous questions about his new home in Illinois.

Virginia Stampless Covers

BROADFIELD - Westmoreland County - 1800 to 1822

1810 Broadfield Manuscript Town Cancel, predates earliest ASCC listed by One year.  Letter from Broadfield Postmaster Townsend G.S. Dale.  Scarce Virginia town Manuscript cancel.  Possible earliest known use and in great condition.

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FARMER'S GROVE - Southampton County - 1836 to 1880

Farmer's Grove manuscript town cancel.  Quaker dateline of 7th Mo. 28th 1849 Harford County MD.  Letter from David Tyce to Jeremiah Silver MD.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera below.

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BERKELEY SPRINGS - Morgan County - 1802 to Present

1833 Berleley Springs Va Manuscript Town Cancel (later West Virginia) long 3 1/2 page letter to Philip Barbour (?) Ambler from his Sister Ellen (or Elizabeth) Ambler.  I believe that there is some rich family history here.  Outstanding condition as seen.  Scan of letter is available on request.

HARMONY - Halifax County - 1835 to 1967

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MILLWOOD - Frederick/Clarke County - 1800 to Present

1830 Manuscript Town Cancel - Millwood, Virginia, manuscript Paid 75cent Rate.  Stampless Folded Letter from Robert P. Page.  Click camera Icon below to read content.

A bit of history on Robert P. Page, Federalist to the Sixth Congress - from his Congressional Biography:

PAGE, Robert, a Representative from Virginia; born at “North End,” Gloucester (now Mathews) County, Va., February 4, 1765; received a liberal education from tutors at home; attended the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va., which he left to join the Revolutionary Army, serving as a captain; studied law; was admitted to the bar and practiced in Frederick (now Clarke) and adjacent counties; planter; member of the council of state; member of the State house of delegates in 1795; elected as a Federalist to the Sixth Congress (March 4, 1799-March 3, 1801); resumed former activities; died at “Janeville,” Clarke County, Va., December 8, 1840; interment in Old Chapel Cemetery near Millwood, Clarke (then Frederick) County, Va.

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MIDDLEWAY - Jefferson County - 1806 to 1905

1835 Middleway, Virginia - Unlisted in Red - ASCC.  I believe Middleway is now part of West Virginia

Richmond, Va  Datelined June 4, 1846 - 30mm with matching Red Double Ring Bold 10c franking.  Great Letter from Thomas S. Malcom, Babtist Preacher and Pastor.

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Wisconsin Stampless Covers

WHITEWATER, WIS - Walworth County - 1840-Present

CONCORD CENTRE, NY - Erie County - 1837-1845

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Concord Centre NY (scarcity 7) manuscript town cancel on stampless folded letter with Bold Black Whitewater Wis CDS.  Dateline March 18, 1845. Missent to Whitewater, WIS and forwarded to Walworth Wisconsin Territory.  Very long family to H. D. & A. L. Warner

Unlisted (ASCC) Concord Centre (Helbock Scarcity 7) manuscript combined with scarce Bold Whitewater WIS Territorial CDS.

Certainly worthy of additional research


OAK GROVE, WT - Dodge County - 1844-1906

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An early (not the earliest) Oak Grove, Wisconsin Territorial Manuscript town cancel.  Letter to William Weston from his Son William F. Weston datelined February 8, 1846.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera above.  Very nice territorial.



PLATTEVILLE, WT -  Grant County - 1828-Present

Wisconsin Territorial Period

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1840 Plattville, WT (Platteville without the "e") Manuscript town cancel.  This is a Territorial period cancel (Territorial period -July 4, 1836 - May 28, 1848).

The letter is from Benjamin (Ben) C. Eastman b.10/24/1812 Strong, Maine.  Benjamin has a long Political career which included Secretary of the Legislative council of Wisconsin Territory 1843-1846, District Attorney of Grant County, Thirty-second and Thirty-Third Congresses 1851-1855.

Died in Platteville February 2, 1856.  Interment in Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison Wisconsin.

Outstanding letter to friend Dr. Henry Blanchard, Boston MA b.1811 imploring him to come out west to Platteville and establish a medical practice.  Suggests he get married back east before he comes.  This is a great letter, read it at your leisure by clicking the camera above.

Certainly worthy of additional research.


SAUKVILLE, WI -  Ozaukee County - 1846-Present

Saukville, WIS Manuscript Town Cancel - Unlisted ASCC, Only Reported Manuscript Town Cancel as of 2/2004, Possibly Unique.  UPDATE - A second Saukville manuscript town cancel has been purchased, details follow.

Internally Dated Newburg, February 16, 1849, Signed John Magill - Facinating 5 page letter regarding the life and times in Saukville, Wisconsin.  Click camera to read full content.

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SAUKVILLE, WI -  Ozaukee County - 1846-Present

Saukville, WIS Manuscript Town Cancel - Unlisted ASCC, The Second Reported Manuscript Town Cancel as of 6/2004, Both Possibly Unique.  Same author as above with additional details of the life and time in Saukville, Wisconsin during this early period.

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DECATUR, WI -  Green County - 1842-1859

Decatur, WIS Manuscript Town Cancel - Unlisted ASCC.  Dateline Sylvester March 10, 1850.  Long Interesting letter.


Wisconsin Territorial Period - July 4, 1836 - May 28, 1848

c.1839 Bold & Beautiful Green Bay WisT. CDS - Full Wrapper, No Content.  Outstanding Condition.


German Stampless Cover

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