DERBY - Orleans County - 1806-Present

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1824 Derby, Vermont manuscript town cancel.  Letter is from Timothy Hinman to David H. Summer (postmaster Hartland Vermont 3/23/1818 - 7/15/1833).  The writer and recipient of this letter are steeped in Vermont history folks.

For a complete history of the Timothy Hinman, Founder of Derby Vermont, please click HERE Which details "The Checkered Career of Timothy Hinman" by Gail A. Sangree"  This letter was written after his imprisonment.  This bibliography is well worth reading as it gives a very insightful look into early "Kingdom" life and the early years of Derby, Vermont.

Timothy Hinman was born 27 Jul 1761 in Woodbury, Litchfield Co, CT. He died 29 Jul 1850 in Derby, Orleans Co, VT.

"The Honorable Timothy Hinman" by N. W. Bingham (1892)
BIOGRAPHY: Owned a slave, Cyrus Homer, whom he emancipated in 1801.
OCCUPATION: Chief judge of Orleans County Court.
DEATH: After a four-year incarceration for debt, Judge Timothy lived with one and another of his sons in Derby, and died landless and penniless.

Timothy married Phebe STODDARD, daughter of (Capt) Nathan STODDARD and Eunice SANFORD, on 10 Dec 1786. Phebe was born 5 Nov 1769 in Woodbury, Litchfield Co, CT. She died Aug 1858.


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Dateline Chester December 9th, 1845.  Letter from Simeon Leland to his son Simeon Leland Jr.  Just a brief bit of information on the Leland family.  There is considerable information on the Leland family available on the internet.  Great piece.

Landgrove Hollow is a small hamlet of dwelling houses in the southern part of the town on the old stage road from Chester to Manchester. About the year 1820 Simeon LELAND opened a store in this place, and in a few years after a tavern known in old stage times as the "Leland Coffee House." About this time “Squire" LELAND established a line of mail stages from Manchester to Charlestown, N. H. This line was, without doubt, the most popular of any across the Green Mountains. Simeon LELAND was the father, and the old Coffee House the birthplace of the LELAND brothers, who with their sons have made a name as hotel keepers more widely known than any other family in this county. The old Coffee House is still standing unoccupied, and has been kept in repair by the LELAND family until recently.

The Hydeville Company, Hydeville, VT - Just a neat piece of fractional currency - 50cents dated October 1st, 1862 and signed by Pitt W. Hyde and A.W. Hyde.  Must be an Unrecognized Abanaki Indian portrait at left.


GUILDHALL - Essex County - 1805-Present

Guildhall, VT Mar 24, 1827 dateline on very lengthy 2 1/2 page letter from John Dewey to Josiah Bellows 3rd, Postmaster of Walpole, NH.

A bit of history of John Dewey - b. 1794 d. 1862. 

John Dewey was one of the remarkable men of Essex County. He was born at Hanover, NH Dec. 5, 1794. He received his education in his profession mainly under the tuition of Dr. Nathan Smith; and his medical degree from Dartmouth College. He commenced his profession very young in Canada, remaining there till he was attacked with a disease in his eyes, which for a time threatened him with blindness. Recovering from this infliction, he established himself at Hill, NH, and about 1822 came to Guildhall. For nearly twenty years he was the leading physician in this section. Here he became a practitioner of large experience and great skill and judgment. No man was more relied upon in case of difficulty and danger.
He gave up his profession as a business about 1840, upon becoming involved in business of other kinds. He married Mary P. Carlisle, Feb 1832. In 1841 he moved to a beautiful farm in Maidstone. Here he and his wife kept a most hospitable home; and many have been the times that acquaintances far and near have assembled there to enjoy such entertainment as no one else could dispense.--for the Doctor besides his liberality, had the manners of an accomplished gentleman; and he was also a man of fine proportions and presence. The stranger also from cityor country who might chance to stop in the neighborhood was sure to be invited to partake of their hospitalities. and there was no obstentation in this, but such generosity was a characteristic, and the poor never went hungry from his door,--many have been the bagsfull and the basketfull and the back loads with which the destitute of his neighborhood have been loaded from his stores. Dr. Dewey was a man of extraordinary perseverance and great energy of character. In politics he was a whig, and later a republican, and it never was with half assent that he supported and advocated the measures of his party.
He was a member of the State Legislature for twelve years. He was Assistant Judge 1826,and 1827; a member of the council of censors, and for several years he received appointments from the Legislature, such as director of the state prison, etc. The Doctor was able in debate, and many of his speeches would be a credit to any debater and worth of any legislative body.
Dr. Dewey entered into the support of the government with zeal to put down the rebellion, and lent every aid in his power to that end.
On a summer evening he rode to the house of a neighbor where in course of a talk upon political affairs he became excited, not from opposition (for in political opinion they did not differ,) and on his was home he was attacked by a paralysis of the brain, and when he arrived home he was insensible, and was carried into the house and died the next morning, which was July 11, 1862, and no man in all the community could have been more widely missed.


ARLINGTON - Bennington County - 1805-Present

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 Arlington, VT manuscript town cancel dateline Arlington August 18, 1842.  1 1/2 page letter from ? Caufield.  Read the letter in it's entirety by clicking the camera above.

1841 Brattleboro, VT Stampless G.W. Britton to Reverend Joshua Britton

1833 Woodstock, VERT. 18 3/4 Attached Rate CDS.  Attached rate VERT. unlisted ASCC.  This is a superb example - the finest strike I have seen.

Dateline Woodstock Feb 24th, 1833.  Extremely long letter from Nathan Cushing which I have not read but scans are available. 


Dateline Brownsville, Vt November 28, 1842 stampless folded letter to Joseph B. Parsons from R. Story.  Very interesting letter regarding the mailing of a Diploma from the Stage Tavern in Windsor Village.  Outstanding bold Green Woodstock, Vt town cancel with content.  They don't come any Greener.  Excellent condition.

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