Somewhat weak STEAM strike, enhanced left but as seen on the cover.  The letter is datlined April 1842 and is of two parts.  This steam marking is a bit of a conundrum and requires additional research.  Scans of the letter are available on request.

One opinion was that it was a Burlington steam marking, probably given to to a ship somewhere, delivered to Burlington and went through the regular mails to St. Albans.  This needs to be compared to Burlington steam marking from that period.

The enclosure is of two parts the first datelined April 1842 and consists of a detailed listing of "amounts due".  The second is the letter which begins "Since my return to this place I have been constantly on the go and have been unable to prepare a new statement...." and is datelined on the bottom of the letter Burlington 28 June 1842.  Docketing on the front left of the cover indicates receipt in St. Albans on June 30th

This cover remains a bit of a mystery to me and requires additional research.


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